Our Story

IHP began in 1992, when the California housing market was struggling, and builders had a hard time accessing capital. A large pension fund and a life insurance company were interested in this investment niche of providing equity capital to homebuilders, and the first IHP fund was formed. Through this fund, IHP began providing equity to single-family housing developments in the form of joint ventures.

Over the succeeding years, IHP received equity commitments for its funds totaling over $1.5 billion from institutional investors. As a result of those commitments, IHP established seven for-sale residential equity funds to finance projects representing more than $20 billion of estimated sales revenue.

Moreover, in connection with these funds, IHP has established successful, long-term joint venture partnerships with many of the nation's largest homebuilders and land developers.

IHP Capital Partners is one of the nation's largest investment firms providing equity financing for residential development. The firm invests institutional capital in for-sale residential real estate projects throughout the United States. IHP and its investment partners have created neighborhoods and communities valued at more than $20 billion.