Why we're different

Our Experience


Our Principals founded the company in 1992 and still run it today. We've made over 240 direct investments in residential real estate since then. And IHP not only invests on behalf of large, institutional investors, IHP co-invests in the funds as well.

Our senior management has been through four housing cycles and understands the risks and opportunities presented by different market conditions. We recognize the nuances and differing risks and opportunities of entry-level, move-up and move-down housing. We've watched the rise and fall of regional economies and their effect on the residential market. We can quickly recognize an interesting deal when we see it.

During underwriting, the team works to understand the market, project details, economics, and of course the partner. And when the deal looks like a good opportunity, the investment committee that approves it is the same group of Principals who founded the company; in other words, deals are presented to and approved by a team of knowledgeable housing professionals.

Our Projects

We have invested in various housing product types over the years including:
 - Traditional single-family houses
 - Small lot detached
 - Small lot attached
 - Condo
 - Townhomes
 - Estate homes

Our land experience ranges from entry level to high end, and from single product to masterplan communities. We’ve been active in all varieties of entitlements. IHP also makes direct investments in private, regional homebuilders with successful track records and plans to grow.

We've worked with local private builders, regional developers and national publics.

And from a locational standpoint, we have invested in suburbs, up-and-coming and in-fill areas. We have made investments in most major markets in the country and are likely to have a knowledgeable person in your particular area.

Our Value Add

We are more than just equity capital. Our experience can help maximize a project's value through recommendations in product design and segmentation, pricing strategy, marketing, development or operational fine-tuning.

We strive to align interests - we want the builder succeed as much as we do. And we can react quickly to changing market conditions. No proforma survives contact with reality. If it makes sense to change the business plan, we want to consider reasonable options to create the best return for both partners, and then act on the best solution.